Monday, August 24, 2009

Chocolate Snobbery!!!

For my birthday this year my daughter decided on an event in Seattle for the two of us. It was a surprise until the moment we walked up to the door of THEO CHOCOLATE. YUM! Just seeing the word chocolate makes me feel good. As we entered the small retail space you could smell the aroma of the chocolate. All over the room were pedestals with chocolate bars and SAMPLES of every flavor they make. I don't mean just a few pieces were put out. I mean they had chopped up LOTS of chocolate so that you could sample every type of bar they make. We wandered, sampling everything from the fabulous Jane Goodall 45% organic milk chocolate to the Single Origin Costa Rican 91% dark chocolate. The flavor varieties were everything from basic milk and dark chocolate to unique and exotic flavors like Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate and Bread and Chocolate Dark Chocolate.
After we gorged ourselves on all the samples, it was time for the tour. Our effervescent guide Rachael was extremely knowledgable regarding the history of the company and chocolate. Our tour included lots of samples (YAY!) and a walk through the small but efficient factory. The machines were not actually running the day we went through, but I think this did make it easier to hear our guide. When we went into the roasting room it was very warm and the air was perfumed with the fabulous aroma of the chocolate. The air felt like a chocolate bath. Mmmm, if only all air could smell and feel this way. Heaven!
After the tour we went back to the retail room and bought chocolate. And more chocolate. The great thing about THEO chocolate is that it is all Fair Trade Certified and Organic. On some of the bars the only ingredients listed are Cocoa beans and Sugar. It is pure and made in small batches. The only place I can purchase it here in Texas is at Pier 1. The next time you want excellent chocolate (be prepared to spend a little extra, it is not cheap) try THEO chocolate. It has increased my chocolate snobbery by leaps and bounds!!!

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