Friday, July 3, 2009


I am so excited! We leave for vacation on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to fresh seafood, lavender fields and lots of time with my family. My daughter is planning a day in Seattle. We will be seeing Harry Potter 6 at the IMAX theater and then she has a surprise for me somewhere. I know it involves eating, but she said it wasn't exactly a meal. Hmmmm. Knowing her she has found something yummy. Maybe a place that makes fabulous desserts? I don't want to speculate too much, it might spoil the surprise. Walter and I are also planning a day in Seattle just to eat at Ivar's and meet up with friends on that side of the sound.

It will also be good to see lots of old friends. Since the advent of Facebook, I have been in contact with lots of pals from high school. We are planning on a get together. I am also planning a "birthday party" for those of us with summer birthdays. My sister and I and my daughter and niece all have summer birthdays. It should be a fun gathering. We will get a big birthday cake and forget the presents. Just lots of family time is all the present I need.

My big day that I am really looking forward to is July 17 at the Sequim Lavender Festival. I can't wait for a trip to my favorite place, Purple Haze Lavender Farm. I wonder what goodies they will have for us this year? Plus the street fair is fabulous. Lots of gorgeous jewelry.

Must go now. I have last minute shopping I must do and my toes need a pedicure! Oh my!

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