Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring break! Ahhh, time to relax, clean house, catch up on laundry and take my husband to the ER! Sunday morning during church one of the ushers came back and told me that Walter wasn't feeling well. The next thing I know, I don't see him up there at all, so I grab Ben and we rush up the aisle back to the sacristy. I find my husband sitting in a chair and he says he feels extremely dizzy. He almost passed out. His hands were blue and clammy. I called 911 and within a short time they had him down to the ambulance and were checking his vitals. My good friends the Thanes took Ben, and I dashed home to change and grab my phone. I drove back to the church and the ambulance was still there. I took a different way out of town than they did and I actually got to the hospital before them.

Once they got to the hospital they put Walter in a room. One nurse came in looking for the 51 year old man and she thought she was in the wrong room. Ego stroke done, he was carted off to get a CAT scan of his head. They also took blood and a chest x-ray. They even tested him for the flu. All the tests came back normal. Of course this all took about 4 hours. Thank goodness our friend Ray came up and brought me some lunch. He stayed until they let Walter go. It was really thoughtful of him and we appreciated his company.

The final diagnoses was vertigo. The next day Walter saw his own doctor and was told the same thing. It has now been two weeks and he is feeling a little better, but not 100%. Monday I am driving him to an ear, nose and throat doctor in Austin. I don't know if he will be able to do anything new. All the research we have done points to just waiting it out.

So spring break wasn't quite the week I was expecting, but it was nice to have Walter home. Of course he slept quite a bit, vertigo really takes a toll on your energy level. I did most of the things I needed to do and we bought a new TV. Our old one kept turning off. It was very annoying. The new one is really nice and a lot bigger than the last one.

Now it is time to fix breakfast. Ben is hungry! Again! Still! Whatever!

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