Saturday, March 7, 2009


My son Ben has Down syndrome. He is 15 and for the most part enjoys school. He is currently in the 8th grade. His favorite person in the whole world is his sister, Naomi. He misses her a lot because she left last year to go to college. Ben really enjoys watching movies. Some of his favorites are, Evan Almighty, Home Alone, Corky Romano, Mamma Mia and the Broadway DVD of Into the Woods. He likes this show because Naomi was once in it while we lived in Plano. This winter we heard about a basketball league for special needs kids in Waco at Columbus Ave. Baptist church. Last Saturday was Ben's last basketball game. He had so much fun doing this that I can't wait for next year. We met some really nice people. Fortunately, Challenger League Baseball starts at the end of this month. A lot of the same people are involved so it should be fun. For those of you that don't know, Challenger League is the special needs division of Little League. Ben hasn't really done any sports other than swimming and bowling with Special Olympics. This will be a new experience for him and I hope he enjoys it. Basically as long as people cheer for him, he does pretty well. When we took the camera to his basketball games, he would make sure we were looking at him when he ran by. He even made some baskets!

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