Saturday, October 15, 2011

Buddy Walk 2011

Earlier this year the Waco area formed the Heart of Texas Down Syndrome Network. I am the secretary of the group. October 2nd was our Inaugural Buddy Walk. We originally planned on around 150 to attend. As the weeks went by the registrations came pouring in and we ended up with over 350 attendees and volunteers! We were thrilled by the support we got from our friends and the community in general. We were joined by our friends the Lillards, Ms. Chiles, (Ben's teacher) her son Britt and Sarah Lake, a friend from Special Olympics. The day was warm and beautiful. All the planning and hard work put into this event by all the volunteers really paid off. Everyone seemed to have a great time, especially Ben. Note the picture playing ball with the Midway Middle School Cheerleaders!

Last Saturday Ben participated in the Special Olympics for bocce. He had a great morning walking around with the Baylor cheerleaders (I swear the boy is a magnet for cheerleaders!) and he even got to carry the torch for our team. At the end of the morning he came away with a silver medal after playing with his buddy Ben Clarkson.

I had some sad news last week.  My mom, who will be 93 next week, has cancer again.  Five years ago she had colon cancer.  Now it is in her liver.  The doctor said she could have up to two years if she does nothing.  Considering her age, she decided to just let nature take its course.  She is already tired and spends most days just lying around the house.  Since she can't see well due to the macular degeneration, she spends most of her time listening to the t.v.   She has had a good life.  She married two wonderful men, had four kids, four grandchildren and three great grand children. When I was growing up she and my dad had tons of friends.  Of course, most of her friends are gone now, so I am grateful that she has good neighbors.

This year for Founders Day we all participated by being on a float.  I was on the McGregor Tiara Literary Society float and Ben and Walter were on the Zion Lutheran float.  It was a fun day!  When my camera starts working I will post some pics from bocce.

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  1. My love and prayers for your family and your mom, Jeanne. What a touching post. God love you!